Our Program

Lamplighter Hebrew Academy is deeply committed to providing students with a well-rounded and holistic educational experience. Our mission is preparing students for success in school and life beyond. We are here to prioritize excellent, individualized, research-based instruction to foster success across all developmental domains. At Lamplighter Hebrew Academy, each student benefits from a specialized educational environment in order to develop their strengths while addressing their learning needs. Our Judaic Studies and General Studies curriculum enables our students to achieve academic, social, and emotional success. We cater to students with a wide range of developmental delays, learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and behavioral needs. We believe that every child deserves to have the opportunity to grow and learn, and our staff works tirelessly to ensure that each child has an individualized, positive experience.

At our Academy, your child will be in a warm and welcoming environment with individual attention from our dedicated staff. Each classroom has 10-12 children in the group, with two full-time qualified special education teachers in the classroom. Every staff member on the team is dedicated to creating an individualized curriculum that is appropriate for each student. In our small classroom setting our students receive the individualized instruction they need to succeed, in both a small group and one-on-one model. We provide opportunities for our students to be challenged yet supported to achieve success.


Our all encompassing reading program includes phonics, phonemic awareness and decoding instructions along with comprehension and vocabulary development. Grammar, spelling, and written expression are core components of our curriculum building every child's critical thinking and listening skills. Our students are taught using a multisensory and hands on approach. Our teachers are trained in multiple learning models, such as Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading, Fundations and PAF.


The math program caters to each student's needs. Working on subitizing skill, number sense, ten frame, place value and many core math skills needed to achieve success. We use a wide range of math manipulatives to help students hone their mathematical thinking skills and connect ideas to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.


The Judaic studies program parallels the secular studies program. The same skills and techniques are utilized to teach students in Hebrew and Judaic subjects. Working on Alef-Bais and Kriah in a multisensory approach. As well as teaching about the Jewish holidays and the Weekly Torah-Reading. Our teachers incorporate interactive and real life activities bringing the lessons alive for our students.

Each student will have access to our state of the art sensory gym, helping them with their fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, coordination and balance. They will learn cooperation skills, peer modeling, and to play in different ways. It gives them the opportunity to take a brain break and let out their energy using a real multi sensory approach.

Our dedicated team of therapists including: Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Counselors, and ABA Therapists work together using a collaborative model. They assist our students both in and out of the classroom using individualized strategies for each student. They work with the classroom teachers to generalize these skills throughout the day. Weekly Social Skills Groups will provide our students with the core skills necessary to socialize and interact successfully across all environments.

We are here to give our students the education they deserve and help them succeed in School and Life beyond

Welcome to Lamplighter Hebrew Academy!